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Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia

High-Quality Cannabis Seeds from reputable Australian seed bank- Germination Guaranteed & FREE seeds in every order.

In order to complement our customer’s demand, we have meticulously selected quality marijuana seed strains along with the most popular seed. Here is the list of the marijuana seeds that we offer online.

Best Selling Cannabis Seeds Strains

White Widow

$119 pack of 10

Gold Leaf Feminized

$149 pack of 10

AK-47 Feminized

$109 pack of 10

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Autoflowering Seeds

We offer a wide variety of autoflowering or automatic cannabis seeds online. This is the best option if you don’t have enough space to cultivate autoflowering cannabis or if you don’t want to wait long for the weed to grow. This autoflowering cannabis seeds that we offer grow and bloom fast so you won’t need to wait too long. Do check out our autoflowering cannabis seeds page and have your order the soonest.

Feminized Seeds

If you worry about male plants when you have feminized seeds worry no more. Only grow the plants you need so as to save on resources, time and growing space. You can order the best feminized cannabis seeds from our page so hurry and place an order now. As we promise that our feminized marijuana seeds reduce the stress and anxiety of growing weed so no need to worry about accidental pollination.

High CBD Seeds

Growing cannabis for medicine? We could be the best aid for you; with our high CBD seed variety you can find the best medicinal cannabis strains. By purchasing our high CBD seeds, you can grow the best quality cannabis good to treat all kinds of conditions such as aches, pains, anxiety, stress, muscle pains, arthritis, acne, etc. Browse our medicinal marijuana seeds from our exclusive high CBD seeds page and place your order now.

Regular Seeds

Thinking of growing new plants or breeding new strains? We offer the best choice, the regular seeds. These regular cannabis seeds are male and female seeds which allow you to cultivate more seeds. Take a look at our latest regular marijuana seeds collection and guarantee that you can only order the best and the freshest regular cannabis seeds here.


What is the Best Seed Bank to use in Australia?

Aussie214 is the best seed bank to use in Australia. We are in the business for over a decade and partnered with the top and most trusted breeders and brands.

What is stealth Shipping?

This shipping method guarantees and ensures your personal information will be kept by the supplier discreetly. With no account or place to be traced. The supplier will also conceal the seeds or products from the prying eyes.

Australian seed bank reviews

This industry is growing as time passes by, there are many emerging seed banks online. Always check the seed banks that you are patronizing because some of the online seed banks are not reliable enough to entrust your money and personal information. Upon dealing with any seed banks you first always check its background and customers review to be able to avoid being scammed or to avoid having problems.

It is always best to examine first your top seed banks picks before doing your purchase, though no seed bank is perfect, it’s at your discretion on which do your needs are catered. 

Choose the right online seed banks that offer the best products and services.

Australian Cannabis Laws

In the last few years, Australia’s medical marijuana regulation has undergone considerable adjustments. Along with those changes, there is a growing campaign to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana for recreational use is still considered illegal. It has been legalized in Canberra possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis per person is permitted. And can grow two plants per person outdoors.

Website Legal Disclaimer:

Aussie214 legally offers seeds for medical or topical use only and for “souvenirs” or collector’s items.

Possession and storing of cannabis seeds for collection are allowed and legal. Some parts of Australia consider the growing & germination of cannabis plants illegal, before cultivating check or verify first if you’re in the jurisdiction where doing so is legal to avoid any violations.

To use this website you must be over the age of 21+

Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia only from the most trusted Australian Seed Bank.