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Afghan Kush Seeds Feminized

Afghan Kush Seeds Feminized

Afghan Kush Seeds Strain is very well known in the world of marijuana. This strain usually is used as a parent strain for a lot of popular strains, examples are White Widow and the Kush strains. The Afghan seeds are also known to be tough and strong plants.

Afghan plants originated from Afghanistan’s mountains and have been around for more than a hundreds of years. This plant has a high resistance to pests and is known for its strength. This wonderful strain has been circulated around the world because of its very good genetics. Most of the indica hybrids have Afghan as parents. This marijuana seed is 100% pure indica.

The effects of smoking Afghan produce a cheerful, relaxed stoned feeling and can also provide an uplifting euphoric feeling which can really brighten your day.

The said marijuana strain has many medical benefits, It can be used as medicine for nausea, stress and can also be used as a pain reliever. Our Afghan Kush Seeds are amongst the best feminized seeds ever produced. What makes the growers love this strain because it’s easy to grow and has good results. Order it now and start embracing its benefits.

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