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Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds Strain is classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid and popularly  known to have potent effects. This is a powerful strain which one can grow in your garden very quickly. Being identified as a feminized strain therefore all the seeds will surely provide you a female plant come flowering time.

This strain’s genetics comes from the original Haze and Afghani genes but it was bred using the Cinderella 99, Skunk #1, and Jack Herer strain. The Amnesia Haze also has the qualities that the Thai Strain possesses. Thai Marijuana is known to be the ancestor of Haze. Therefore this plant grows with Indica-like qualities, but the smoke that it creates is like a Sativa. The plant is known to be short and bushier. This strain when smoked gives you a potent mind-blowing high.

This a very potent strain, some of it joked that after taking this will cause amnesia. This can also provide you with a lot of energy perfect for some creative activities. It can also uplift your  body and brighten up your mood.

Amnesia smells like ammonia sometimes with its earthy aroma. When smoking it, you can taste its sweet and fiery flavor. This is a very pungent strain.

You can cultivate this strain either outdoors or indoors, as said early this strain is short and doesn’t need a lot of space when growing indoors. This strain thrives in a warm, Mediterranean climate and with a little bit of sunshine when growing outdoors. Its flowering time is between 55 to 80 days, which makes it through the average flowering time. It also has a high THC content. Get yours now and start growing.

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