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Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream is a sativa hybrid that originated from the west coast and is known around the world. This autoflower version is a result in crossbreeding Blue Dream with Haze Autoflower which makes it increase its ruderalis that help the plant flowers.

This Strain is easy to grow with fast finishing and a very flavorful autoflowering strain. This plant finishes around 75 to 80 days from day 1 of cultivation. These are medium-sized with good yielding sativa plants.

This cannabis strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. For indoors, plants grow from 90 to 120 cm with a yield of 450 gr/m2 which produce flowers around 9 to 10 weeks. And outdoors, plants generate 300 gr per plant.

Blue Dream has a taste like ripe fruit, it’s sweet with vanilla, citrusy, and pine-like. This strain provides an awesome relaxing kick to the user’s body, clears, and uplifts the mind. It also gives energy throughout the day. It has 20% THC content and 0.5% CBD. This strain has very helpful therapeutic properties which can help in aiding stress, anxiety, insomnia, and can be used as a pain reliever.

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