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Grand Daddy Purple Feminized

Grand Daddy purple strain has a very enticing aroma and taste. This is a dominant strain. The roots or lineage of this strain is from the short and bushy type of plant. It produces multiple buds with each bud having a very large amount of THC level. Grand Daddy Purple’s flowering time is in its 8 to 9 weeks, with a very big and very thick bud. Its name came from its color which is a dark purple look, it is very obvious by seeing the leaves and buds. This marijuana strain offers you a very high yield and a very potent plant.

This marijuana strain provides a very sweet aroma with a little sandalwood and pine like color underneath. When tasting or smoking it, you can taste a flavorful sweet grape taste.

Grand Daddy Purple gives a very strong blow because of how potent this strain is.

You can also use this strain for medical use in aiding insomnia and body pains.

This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Get this in-demand seed right now!

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