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Regular Weed Seeds

At Aussie214, you can only see the best quality of regular marijuana seeds. You can get the top regular marijuana strains, the freshest seeds, and the most popular cannabis seeds varieties you love to cultivate. All these regular seeds are freshly packed and ready to grow and are guaranteed the highest germination rates. We have the regular strains seeds you need whether you’re growing cannabis plants for medicinal or recreational needs. You can take advantage of our special deals, discounts, and promos on our different seed strains and shipping. Save as you buy your regular marijuana seeds supply only through our online seed bank.

What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds growing such plants really rely on the amount of light to be able to grow a lot better or what other people termed it as photoperiod seeds. Regular cannabis seed is either female or male. These seeds can’t immediately be identified during its germination stage, you have to wait for its flowering stage to be able to identify the plant’s gender.

Regular cannabis seeds are the cheapest seeds among the market. Because of its price this seed has become very common.

How to Grow Regular Cannabis Plants?

Regular cannabis plants takes up more time than the other strains, because it has a longer germination to harvesting time and it really does have a special lighting schedule.

In the germination phase, to be successful you have to wait for the seeds to sprout, it’s best to grow the plant indoors to properly monitor the plants health and also to protect them from pests and harsh weather.

Always keep in mind that you have to change the lighting on the flowering phase into a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule.

After the pre-flower stage make sure you follow the lighting schedule to be able to have a healthy plant. Now it’s time to identify the sex. Eliminate males if growing weed is the plan but if you want to cultivate seeds then leave the plant as is.